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Virtual Office Spaces at BrooklynWorks

Run a Brooklyn based business from anywhere in the world! Our virtual office packages start at just $49.99/month and includes a business mailing address and full suite of mail handling services.

Virtual Office Spaces in Brooklyn


A virtual office membership at BrooklynWorks is a great way to establish your business in Brooklyn, NY without the expenses of a traditional commercial office rental.

The trend toward remote work is increasing, but the importance of maintaining a professional image hasn’t waned. With Brooklyn Works @ 159’s virtual office spaces, businesses can gain a coveted Brooklyn address without incurring the high costs of traditional office rentals. Mail can be scanned and emailed to you directly.

brooklynworks at 159
brooklynworks at 159

Virtual Office for All Industries

With an emphasis on flexibility and adaptability, their virtual office spaces cater to a diverse range of businesses from startups to established enterprises looking for a strategic location in the bustling Brooklyn area.

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Why Choose Our Services?

But Brooklyn Works @ 159 offers more than just a business address. We offer a full suite of virtual office services, including email scanning, to keep you connected to your business, regardless of where you are. With the Virtual Office Plan, every piece of mail is scanned and sent to you electronically, ensuring you don’t miss out on crucial documents. This service, combined with a professional business address, enables you to operate seamlessly, even from a distance.

Moreover, choosing Brooklyn Works @ 159 as your virtual office space provider brings the essence of Brooklyn right to your fingertips. Immerse your business in the dynamism, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit that the city is known for. While you work remotely, let your business thrive and grow in the heart of one of New York’s most vibrant boroughs.

In an era where businesses are becoming more fluid and less bound by physical locations, Brooklyn Works @ 159 offers a compelling solution that combines the benefits of a traditional office with the flexibility of remote work. With their support, you can confidently build your business, knowing you’ve got a trusted partner in Brooklyn. Their dedicated team is always ready to help you make the most of your virtual office space.

Brooklyn Works @ 159 is not just a service provider; we are your ally in your business journey, committed to providing an optimal platform that propels your business forward, right from the heart of Brooklyn.