Coworking Spaces In Brooklyn | BrooklynWorks At 159
BrooklynWorks @ 159 is a coworking space located at 159 20th St. in Brooklyn, New York, in the neighborhood of Greenwood Heights. For over three years, BrooklynWorks @ 159 has served the surrounding neighborhoods with a comfortable atmosphere, regular community events, and all the coffee or tea you can drink! Featuring scalable spaces and pricing, generous amenities, and a friendly staff and membership BrooklynWorks @ 159 is a coworking solution that's easy for you and your business to get behind!
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Coworking Space in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Coworking Space

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All the above amenities plus a seat

at the communal work area

from 9 AM – 7 PM, Monday – Friday

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10 x 10 – $100/10 DAYS

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All the above amenities plus a lockable

space and 4 hours free conference

room use per person each month

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Have any other questions or ready to book a tour? Contact us or call 718.965.0159

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Your own desk in the communal work area. Includes a private locker, you just bring the lock!

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Includes whiteboards, Apple TV connectivity, and other meeting essentials for groups of 6 – 10.

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Access to the projector and screen, speakers, and a flexible-layout space for events of up to 35.

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A business address and mail forwarding. Includes 2 hours free conference room use each month.

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Book A Tour

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BrooklynWorks At 159

159 20th Street, #1B

Brooklyn, New York, 11232


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Contact us

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Coworking Space near Park Slope

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Quiet Coworking Space in Brooklyn

If you work in a busy office and find yourself wishing for just an hour or two in a peaceful environment each day, a shared work space may be the answer. Phones, horns, sirens, boisterous coworkers and maintenance crews are just a few of the daily disturbances in a busy workplace. With our shared work spaces, you can enjoy a quiet neighborhood and respectful people who want some peace and quiet as well. Our spaces are located near Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Greenwood Heights, Windsor Terrace and Bay Ridge.

Grow Your Startup for Less

You do not necessarily have to be a busy executive who wants some quiet time to appreciate the usefulness of a shared working space. Starting a small business in the Big Apple is costly regardless of which borough you choose. With a shared work space, you can have your own office, meeting spaces, professional phone service and access to copiers, printers and fax machines without shelling out a ton of money to pay the overhead costs of a regular office.

Pick What Works for You with BrooklynWorks at 159

We can help you find the right space for your needs whether you require a small cubicle for daily office duties or one-time access to a conference room because yours are overbooked. You have access to reception services for mail receiving, messages and more. There are high-end scanners, fax machines, printers and copiers. Also, we have phone booths if you just need to make calls. There are common areas, shared kitchen break spaces and restrooms. We also host community events to encourage everyone to get to know each other. This gives you a chance to make professional connections that benefit you.

If you are looking for coworking space in Brooklyn, please contact BrooklynWorks at 159 to learn more. Our staff will book a tour for you to get a firsthand look at the amenities you can expect. We will be happy to provide the services and space that meet your individual needs.

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