2 Person Office Spaces In Brooklyn | BrooklynWorks At 159
BrooklynWorks @ 159 is a coworking space located at 159 20th St. in Brooklyn, New York, in the neighborhood of Greenwood Heights. For over three years, BrooklynWorks @ 159 has served the surrounding neighborhoods with a comfortable atmosphere, regular community events, and all the coffee or tea you can drink! Featuring scalable spaces and pricing, generous amenities, and a friendly staff and membership BrooklynWorks @ 159 is a coworking solution that's easy for you and your business to get behind!
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2 Person Office Space in Brooklyn

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2 – 3 Person Brooklyn Office Spaces

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All the above amenities plus a seat

at the communal work area

from 9 AM – 7 PM, Monday – Friday

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10 x 10 – $100/10 DAYS

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All the above amenities plus a lockable

space and 4 hours free conference

room use per person each month

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Have any other questions or ready to book a tour? Contact us or call 718.965.0159

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Your own desk in the communal work area. Includes a private locker, you just bring the lock!

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Includes whiteboards, Apple TV connectivity, and other meeting essentials for groups of 6 – 10.

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Access to the projector and screen, speakers, and a flexible-layout space for events of up to 35.

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A business address and mail forwarding. Includes 2 hours free conference room use each month.

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Book A Tour

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BrooklynWorks At 159

159 20th Street, #1B

Brooklyn, New York, 11232




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Contact us

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Office Spaces near Park Slope

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2 Person Office Spaces

As a professional, it is important to have a space where you can simply focus on the task at hand. Collaboration is essential to foster growth and development of your budding business. At BrooklynWorks, all the amenities you will need are provided for you at an affordable rate. Because having a strong sense of professionalism is crucial to maintaining the growth of your business, a reception staff is available Monday-Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. The staff is very helpful when it comes to handling mail or packages and receiving your guests or clients. A great amenity is your access to the shared kitchens. BrooklynWorks proudly provides you with purified water, coffee, and tea for your enjoyment. A kitchen area can be found on every floor alongside the public common spaces.

Coworking is made fun for all with many exciting community events to participate in. Regular events include the pancake breakfast every Tuesday, local food for lunch on Fridays, and happy hour every first Thursday of the month.

3 Person Office Spaces in Brooklyn

You have the option of being provided with private office spaces or desks in the common areas, which you will have 24/7 access to. In the common areas, there are plenty of couches for working or relaxing. More private phone booth areas are also provided for activites such as taking important calls. In these areas, you will have access to high speed internet, as well as scanning, copying, and shipping services. We provide you with multiple floors of conference space, which come equipped with whiteboards and Apple TV. These are ideal locations to host social events or business meetings.

For pricing, you may rent space in the communal area daily for just $15, or get a package of 10 days for just $100 total. For a more permanent space, a desk to call your own in the common area starts at $325 a month. For an office to call your own, packages start at $475 a month for one person.

If you just need space for an event for 35 people or less for one day, packages start at just $50. A great deal for someone who just needs a conference room every now and again as well as a business email is our virtual office package,which comes with 2 hours of conference room usage for only $80 a month.

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